Did you know?  100 percent of the hand held metal detectors used in airports in the USA are Garrett metal detectors?


APM Security is a registered business name (No. 357088) for the security division of Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd. (No. 350496).
We operate out of our own premises in Northwest Business Park, Dublin 15.  We have been in business since January 2002.  Both directors are metal detector technician specialists.  Our personel involvement in industrial metal detectors dates back to 1988.
Our parent company Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd. is a leading supplier of industrial metal detection systems for the food industry supplying all of Ireland’s main food processing groups.  In 2008 we branched into metal detectors for the security industry.  For this purpose we trade under the business name APM Security.  Since then we have seen continuous growth in both the public sector e.g. prisons & private sector e.g. special events.
We are proud to have been appointed an “Authorized Distributor” by World renowned market leader Garrett metal detectors.  We only sell genuine Garrett metal detectors manufactured by “Garrett Electronics Inc.” in Garland, Texas, USA.  Each unit has a serial number that can be traced back to Garrett themselves.